is a global institute of the sages. It is a legislative organization with the power that exceeds that of a country and it is in charge of all the mages in the world.


Sephirot acts as a pillar that supports the world by guiding it in the proper direction. They want to remove all the information on dangerous topics, including Echidna.


Sephirot is delegated by 4 grand sages and 11 sages from the east, west, north, and south, as well as the hidden sages.


All the members wear black cloaks wih hoods. The 4 grand sages wears white hooded cloaks with clothes over their faces with a design on it.


  • Caph: A child with white hair that leads a group
  • A tall man that hides his face
  • A vampire like member that can suck the memories out of a person.
  • An armored knight with a horned helmet that locked up Emma in an unknown area and protected her until she became sixteen years old.


  • The grand sages want Echidna and any information regarding the topic to disappear.