(クララ, Kurara)

Character Data
Title Klara the Fairy
Gender male
Status Alive
Magician Rank Blue Magician Blue Magician
Voice Actors
Character Debut
Manga Debut Chapter 28

Character OutlineEdit

Klara is a fairy and an employee at the Best Couple Contest. He is the one that conducts the last question in what is the difference, for Emma.


Klara is shown to be lazy. When he is talking to someone he is polite and well-mannered. He also speaks truth and not sugar coat things to sound polite. He has also taken a liking to Emma.


Klara has light-colored, shoulder length hair. He also wears a monacole over his right eye, and has pointy ears. He wears a black jacket over a button down shirt, over another shirt, with a ribbon around his collar. He also wears black pants with light colored shoes and white gloves. He also has a set of 4 wings on his back


Klara has worked in the Bes Couple Contest for 200 years.


Best Couple Contest Tournament ArcEdit

Klara first appeared when Emma woke up and show him playing a video game. He then start to complain about the test and should be given a raise. When Emma called to him, then he jumped up in a panick, and introduced himself. As he was explaining the test he gave he a lolipop. He then started to show her a part of her husband past. When Emma saw Shion, he told to quiet down and watch the movie. After he was done telling about Shion's past he then ask her what was different. After she didn't answer, he tells her that the ritual failed and that he was abandoned by his mother. He then starts to think about how this question effects the person after they find out about they partner, and that hers was the worst he had seen. After Emma asks for another chance, he says to complete magico. He says that he saw it in her husbands past and that he will not tell. He then proceeds to tells her that Shion is doing it to atone for the ten lives that were sacrified and that he is clinging to her for being the first person to show him kindness, and that she was doing the same. He also tells her that the tournament is not about that. After Emma explains that she truly love Shion, Klara says that he if jealous of him about that. He then gives Emma a free pass and said that she got it correct. He also says that he has taken a liking to him. He is later seen on top of Emma head during their picnic. He tells her that Shion is amazing, but after he reminds her that he is degraded,he tells her that the word amazing doesnt begin to describe him.

Magic & AbilityEdit

Being a fairy Klara can teleport, decrease his size, and can also see into people's memories and project them to make them visible to the others.